There are nine Departments at the Faculty:

The Department of Belarus History of the Ancient Time and the Middle Ages (the Head – Associate Professor Uladzimir Padalinski)
The Department of Modern and Contemporary History of Belarus (the Head - Associate Professor Vitaly Makarevich)
The Ancient & Medieval History Department (the Head – Associate Professor Andrey Prokhorov)
The Department of Modern and Contemporary History (the Head – Professor Vladimir Koshelev)
The Russian History Department (the Head – Professor Oleg Yanovsky)
The Department of Southern and Western Slavs’ History (the Head – Associate Professor Anatolii Salkov)
The Source Study Department (the Head – Professor Siargei Khodzin)
The Department of Archeology and Special Historical Disciplines (the Head – Associate Professor Palina Kurlovich)
The Department of Ethnology, Museology and History of Arts (the Head – Professor Tadeush Novogrodski)

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