Subjects of Special courses

Subjects of Special courses


1. Source Studies History of Belarus.
2. The political life of the Belarusian village in the last third of XVIII - XIX century.
3. Civil wars and conflicts in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the XIV - XVIII centuries.
4. The Reformation and the socio-political life in Belarus XVI - XVII century.
5. The Material culture of the Belarusian lands in XIV - XVIII centuries.
6. Jews in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.
7. Foreign annals and chronicles as a source on the history of Belarus XIV - XVI centuries.
8. Orthodox monasteries in the socio-political, socio-economic, cultural and religious life in Belarus XI - XVII centuries.
9. The social and class structure of the Belarusian society (XVI - first half of XVII century).
10. The evolution of the parliamentary system of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the XV - XVIII centuries.
11. Military affair of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the XIV - XVI centuries.
12. Actual problems of Belarusian history XIII - XVI centuries.

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