The Department teaches the history of Belarus for undergraduates in three semesters: History of Belarus in XIX century, History of Belarus in 1900-1939, and History of Belarus after 1939. The Department organizes the teaching of the undergraduate major and graduate specialization ‘History of Belarus in XIX –XXI centuries’.

The department teaches the following courses:
- ‘History of Political Parties and Social Movements’
- ‘History of Belarus’
- ‘Ethnic and Religious History of Belarus’
- ‘History of Culture’
- ‘History of Entrepreneurship and Banking in Belarus in XVIII-XXI centuries’
- ‘Ethnicity and Religion in the International System’
- ‘Comparative Religion’
- ‘Agrarian Question in Belarus in early XX century’ (Professor P.I. Zelinsky)
- ‘Topics in Belarusian History: Sources and Trends in Historiography’ (Associate Professor A.G. Kokhanovsky)
- ‘Topics in Belarusian History: XIX-XX cent.’ (Professor, Fellow of the Academy Sciences M.P. Kostsiuk)
- ‘Anti-Soviet Underground Resistance in Belarus in 1944-1953’
- ‘Rural Belarus in the Interwar Period (1921-1939)’ (Associate Professor S.N. Khodin)
- ‘Belarus on the Eve and During the 1812 War’ (Associate Professor A.M. Lukashevich)
- ‘Belarus in the International System’ (Associate Professor A.S. Khodasevich)
- ‘Social and Political Life of Belarus in 1920-1950s’ (Professor V.I. Adamushko)
- ‘Society, Politics, and Economy of Belarus in Memoires and Private Sources in XVIII-early XX century’
- ‘Governance in XX century Belarus’ (Professor M.P. Kostsiuk)
- ‘Intelligentsia of Belarus in XIX – early XX centuries’ (Associate Professor A.G. Kokhanovsky)
- ‘Main Values of Belarusian Culture’ (Associate Professor E.V. Korshuk)
- ‘Organization of Work with the Appeals of Citizens and Legal entities’ (Associate Professor A.L. Dashkevich)
- ‘Fundamentals of Law: Acts and Legal Texts of the Republic of Belarus’
- ‘History of Entrepreneurship and Banking in Belarus (late XIX – early XX centuries) (Associate Professor E.A. Brukhanchik)
- ‘Institution of Governorship in Belarus’ (Associate Professor A.M. Lukashevich)
- ‘Sources Study of the History of Belarus (XIX – early XX centuries)’ (Associate Professor V.A. Teplova)
- ‘Liberalism in the Social Life of Belarus (1905 – 1918)’ (Professor I.F. Romanovsky)
- ‘Methodology and Methods of Political Analysis’ (Associate Professor N.A. Antonovich)
- ‘Migration in Belarus in XX-XXI centuries’ (Associate Professor A.I. Maskevich)
- ‘Anti-Nazi Resistance in Belarus during the Great Patriotic War’ (Professor V.K. Korshuk)
- ‘Democracy and Totalitarianism in the Global and Belarusian History’ (Associate Professor L.N. Kulesh)
- ‘Reforms and Revolutions in the History of XX century’ (Associate Professor L.A. Osipova)
- ‘Traditional Confessions and New Religious Movements in Belarus’ (Associate Professor V.A. Teplova)
- ‘Theory and Practices of Intercultural Relations’ (Associate Professor E.V. Korshuk)
- ‘The Governmental Policy of the Russian Empire in Belarusian Lands (1863-1904)’(Associate Professor A.V. Unuchek)
- ‘The Development of Ethnic Consciousness of Belarusians’ (Associate Professor A.B. Bogdanovich)
- ‘Christian Denominations in the Social Life of Belarus’ (late XVIII – XXI centuries) (Associate Professor M.A. Popov)
- ‘Economic History of Belarus’ (Associate Professor E.A. Brukhanchik)
- ‘Ethnicity and Religion in the International System’ (Associate Professor V.A. Teplova)
- ‘Prominent Personalities in Belarusian History in XIX – early XX centuries’ (Senior Lecturer A.V. Kuznetsova)
- ‘Classes and Estates in the Policy of the Russian Empire in Belarus in the late XVIII – XIX centuries’ (Associate Professor V.S. Makarevich)

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